One of the most dreadful emergencies has to be a plumbing emergency. No one likes to have a clogged toilet, kitchen sink, or a broken pipe. However, hiring the right local plumber at the right time can save you things from getting worse.

You can hire a credible plumber by asking certain important questions. Here are 8 questions you must ask your plumber before hiring him. Keep reading till the end.

1. Do you own a license to work as a plumber?

In many areas in the UK, it is necessary for the plumbers to obtain a working licensing before starting their business. A plumbing license is an official state approval that certifies a plumber for working in that particular state.

If your chosen plumber cannot present a license, then you must look for other options in the market. Non-licensed plumbers are not to be trusted, most of them can potentially be scam artists putting up fake charges to make money.

Moreover, unlicensed plumbers do not work with a trained team, they operate as a single-person entity and charge non-sense bills without getting the work done. You would not want to waste your money with an unauthorized individual.

2. Will the given cost quotation cover all the plumbing charges?

When it comes to plumbing charges, many plumbers try to charge you separately for items and services that should have been included in the initial package. This is unethical.

Your plumbing contractor should give you a one-time quotation for all the charges and costs for your plumbing emergency or situation. Never try to get this quotation over the phone. Talk to your plumber in person and ask them to give you an in-depth breakdown of all the costs and charges that you will be expected to pay at the end of the service.

A credible plumber will easily give you an on-point estimate when you describe your issue to him. However, not even the most experienced individual can tell you the actual cost of your job after visiting the site.

3. Do you charge by the hour?

Prior to hiring the plumbing service, clearly ask your contractor about his rates whether he charges by the hour or you will have to pay a total cost at the end of the service?

Usually, the plumbers who charge by the hour may not perform an efficient job. They may be tempted to prolong the work for no reason to increase the invoice. Moreover, hourly contractors may not provide you with the full picture until the plumbing task is done. So, you will be kept in the shadows.

It is best to work with people who charge a flat rate for the entire service. These plumbers will perform an efficient job in less time. 

4. When will I be expected to make the total payment?

If you are getting the plumbing of your entire house replaced, repaired, or installed then it may be feasible to pay the service charges in instalments. These projects usually last over weeks, at times months. You may be better off paying a flat rate in instalments for the project rather than paying by the hour.

However, for small tasks such as opening a clogged toilet or sink, a good plumber will ask you to make the payment at the end of his work.

If a plumber asks you to make the payment in advance, then you are better off hiring someone else for the job. If you’d like to find local plumbers in your area visit HighFive List.

5. Do you have insurance?

A reputable and credible plumbing contractor will offer insurance to all their employees for their own protection. If your hired plumber is not protected by insurance of any kind then you may find yourself footing the bill of his medical costs in case of an injury.

If there is an accident that happens on your premises, you will be held liable. Hence, to ensure your protection, check if your plumber has an insurance plan in place or not.

6. Do you offer warranties on your work?

This has to be the smartest question you will ask your plumber. Check whether your plumber offers warranties on his work or not. A warranty is usually time-specific, for instance, 60 days to 6 months to even a year or five years, this will depend on the plumbing project.

The warranties will be applicable and will clever all the costs in case anything fails during the warranty time period. You will not have to pay your plumber the second time.

7. Have you completed a project like mine before?

In case your plumbing project is extensive or complicated, it will serve you best if you can ask your plumber whether he has completed a task like yours before or not.

This question will help you assess the experience and expertise of your plumber. If you can get reliable references from your family and friends then it would be even better. Previous client experiences can help you best when it comes to making a decision.

8. Will you clean up the mess afterward?

Even though most plumbers will clean up the mess when the job is done however, many will not.

To avoid the hassle of cleaning up the dirty mess after a plumbing job, have an open conversation with your plumber in this regard.

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