Boiler Installations

Replacing your boiler can be more complicated than it sounds. Our job is to make things simple for you.

Looking for a new boiler? Here is what you need to consider....

And don’t forget – A new boiler can save up to 25% of your annual fuel bill (whilst helping the planet in the meantime!)


The warranty is often overlook when installing a new boiler and this can be a costly mistake.  Boilers are like cars and despite modern technology they can still sometimes cause issues before we would expect them to. This is where the warranty kicks in and all of our installations come with a 7 year warranty as standard. This 7 year cover is something that we are able to offer due to our relationship with the manufacturers and is heavily reliant on certain things being done on time. Our internal management system is designed specifically to ensure that these deadlines are met like clockwork and as standard.

Ongoing Servicing

By far the most common way in which new boilers warranties become invalid is down to annual services not being carried out. Our management system has a failsafe process built into it to ensure that each and every customer is serviced on an annual basis. This not only keeps the warranty valid, it also prolongs the lifespan of your heating system and boiler. Saving you more money in the long run. 

Getting it Right

We know full well that we are a trade and that not every trade is reliable – but here at Coastal Heating we are passionate about providing the best possible service and delivering our work in such a way that we can finish the week proud. Our team of engineers undergo regular training and are 100% qualified in every aspect of the job. Our boiler installation team make sure that your new boiler is there to last and any unforeseen issues are resolved as smoothly as possible!

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