Boiler Servicing

Keep your boiler healthy and prolong it's lifespan with regular services and maintenance.

Boiler servicing is absolutely key to keeping it running smoothly and, most importantly, safely. By having your boiler serviced every year, you can avoid the stress of boiler breakdowns.

The best way to keep your house warm in winter is to address any problems with your boiler before they cause problems in the first place.

We offer a range of options for annual boiler services, including a monthly payment plan.

Our most popular offer is our discounted summer service at just £65.00 + VAT for domestic gas boilers. This offer runs from 1 April through to 30 September and benefits both us as the business and you as the customer. 

The summer service allows us to carry out your appliance service during the off-peak season, to protect you from turning it on in the winter and finding out there’s a problem when you need it the most. It also means that any repair or replacement work is carried out during the warmer months, so you are not left in the cold whilst parts are being ordered.

Not only does this keep you warm in the winter months, it also ensures that our engineers are less busy in the winter (peak) months and therefore we’re able to be significantly more responsive to our customers than other suppliers.

For those looking to have their service outside of the summer months, we’ll also let you know when your boiler or heating system is due for its annual service, so it’s completely hassle-free.

We provide boiler servicing for the below locations:

Call now on 01263 722959 or use our click here to log a request online – and then we will do the rest.