Boiler Servicing

Keep your boiler healthy and prolong it's lifespan with regular services and maintenance.

Having your boiler serviced is absolutely essential to keeping everything running smoothly… and safely.

A yearly maintenance service can save you money, give early warnings of any issues and keep your boiler under warranty.

With a range of options for annual boiler services, Coastal Heating is there to help you keep your boiler running smoothly.

Take advantage of our popular discounted summer domestic boiler servicing option at just £65+VAT!

This offer runs from 1 April through to 30 September, giving you total peace of mind that when the winter months come, your boiler is working well and as efficiently as possible!

Why Do I Need My Boiler Serviced?

From energy and cost efficiency to safety concerns and insurance validation, there are many reasons why getting your boiler serviced every year is a good idea!

Save Money!

Yes! It might seem like another household expense, but by getting your boiler serviced annually you can save yourself money in the long run!

As part of your service your engineer will perform a wide range of checks and tests to make sure your boiler is working as efficiently as possible. An efficient boiler is cheaper to run, saving you money on your energy bills.

Find Issues Before They Become Big (Expensive!) Problems

Your engineer will be able to check that everything is working as it should be with your boiler and detect and fix any problems that could potentially turn into big problems.

Your annual service is your early warning system, saving you money on future repairs!

Keeping You and Your Family Safe

This is one of the most important reasons why you should get your boiler serviced annually. By keeping up to date with your boiler services and getting them done regularly, you can be sure everything is running smoothly and safely.

Faulty boilers are incredibly dangerous. Each year in England and Wales there are around 60 deaths from carbon monoxide poisoning.

All our engineers are highly-qualified and Gas Safe registered, with regular training to keep completely up to date with safety requirements. We take rules and regulations around safety very seriously, and invest heavily in our training.

During your annual service, our engineers will conduct a comprehensive safety check ensuring that there are no leaks or issues, giving you and your family complete peace of mind that everything is working as it should.

Take Advantage of Our Summer Servicing Offer - from £65+VAT

Book your summer service with us now and take advantage of a lower price and higher engineer availability!

Our summer service allows us to give your boiler a thorough check over while you’re not relying on it so much in the warmer months, making sure that when you need it most – you’re all ready to go!

We provide boiler servicing for the below locations:

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